Adobe After Effects CS4 & CS6

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Subject: Motion Graphics, Video, Video Editing
Duration: 11 Hour
Level: Beginners to Advanced


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Chapter 1

03.aftereffect essential
04.user interface
07.Advance Composition st
08.Save Composition
09.Folder Create
10.Timeline with footage
11.New Comp_with_New timeline
12.Just Comp Test
13.Render Comp

Chapter 2

01.insert footage zoom hand move
03.tool Pan camera rotation
04.shap tools
05.Shape tool 02
06.Shep with musk
07.Shep & musk with Pen tools
08 Type tools 1st
09.type with paragraph
10.paint tools
11.Erase Tools
12.Easy Animation

Chapter 3

04.3d layer
05.layer menu
06.Overly Mode
08.New Layer
10.Scale for animation
11.position for animation
12.Rotation for animation

Chapter 4

01.compositing with Preset with preset
03.Multi preset
04.layer link
05.timeline keyfram
06.advance animation
07.Graph Editor
08.shep anvance
09.advance shep effect
10.vector Loop

Chapter 5 with vector & Bitmap
02.Advance animation with graph
03.advance comp
04.Pre comp with 3d
06.3d camara with light animation
08.edit camera position
09.layer anign
10.layer style
11.layer style with animation

Chapter 6

01.intro effect
02.fac Noice
03 fac noice rotation
04.factol noice 03
05.factol noice with color
06.level with color
08.color Effect with blur
10.blur progress

Chapter 7

01.gen plug-ins
02.light & ray
03.gen plug-02
04.lence Fla
05.stylez Effect
06.Find age
07.stylez threshild screen
09.Fix key light
10.color key

Chapter 8

01.Text Effect
02.Trasation Effect
03.Advance transation
04.Text Effect with trn eft
05.Prefarence Setting
06.Pre Edit
07.PSD work with alpha
09.Image sq
10.stabilize motion
11.trak motion

Chapter 9 realtime project
02.Flim Effect
03.wirk with image 3d with text
05.broken glass
06.pistol fire news
08.3d prrticle world
09.Advance particle
10.3d particle with camera

Chapter 10

01.Ae cs6 itro
02.after effect cs6 new feture cs6 output cs6 align
05.cs6 distriute layer
06.Roto brash tool
07.CS+6 out
08.install Plug-ins
09.magic bullate look
10.Star glow
11.Tapcode particular
12.trapcode shine

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