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Tutorial Lesson Plan

1.Welcome Movie
2.What Is Illustrator
3.Raster vs. Vector
4.Working with the Exercise Files (Gph & fnt
5.Illustrator Panels
6.The Application Frame and Application Bar
7.Utilizing Workspaces
8.Working with Artboards
9.Making the Most of Artboards
10.Sync Settings
11.Creating a New Illustrator Document
12.Creating a New Document Profile
13.Creating an Illustrator Template
14.Saving an Illustrator File
15.Saving for the Web
16.Using Adobe Bridge
17.Document Navigation Techniques
18.Illustrator Viewing Modes
19.Screen Modes
20.Creating Multiple Views of Artwork
21.Selecting Objects Using the Basic Selection Tools
22.Selecting Objects Using Advanced ST TM
23.Understanding Isolation Mode
24.Creating Guides
25.Understanding Stroke and Fill Properties
26.Drawing with the Shape Tools
27.Drawing with the Line Tools
28.Drawing with the Pencil Tool
29.Basics of Drawing with the Pen Tool
30.Drawing with the Blob Brush Tool
31.Understanding Stacking Order
32.Understanding the Layers Panel
33.Using Drawing Modes
34.Creating Objects in Perspective
35.Using the Path Splitting Tools
36.Modifying and Joining Paths
37.Using the Pathfinder Panel
38.Using the Shapebuilder Tool
39.Creating a Compound Path
40.Creating a Clipping Mask
41.Creating an Opacity Mask
42.Fun with the Blend Tool
43.Using Offset Path
44.Transforming Objects
45.Using the Reshaping Tools
46.The Width Tool
47.Aligning Objects
48.The Color Panel and Color Picker
49.The Swatches Panel
50.Creating Spot Colors
51.Creating a Gradient Swatch
52.Creating a Pattern Swatch
53.Recoloring Artwork
54.Live Paint
55.Type Basics
56.Getting to Know the Type Tools
57.Formatting Type
58.Threading Type
59.Applying Text Wrap
60.Using Character and Paragraph Styles
61.Converting Text to Outlines
62.Warping Text
63.Understanding How Symbols Work
64.Creating a New Symbol
65.The Symbolism Tools
66.Drawing with and Applying Brushes
67.Creating a Calligraphic Brush
68.Creating a Scatter Brush
69.Creating an Art Brush
70.Creating a Pattern Brush
71.Drawing with the Bristle Brush
72.Effects and the Appearance Panel
73.Creating 3D Effects
74.Creating Graphic Styles
75.Creating a Graph
76.Editing a Graph
77.Creating a 3D Graph
78.Creating a Graph Design
79.Placing Images
80.Working with Embedded Images
81.Packaging Files
82.Image Trace.mp4

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